Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fitness Day 2

Ok, the first day always seem to be the easiest for me. It's the discipline of the days after that always seem to cause me to loose faith. Today I read James 1:2-4, 12 and was reminded of my salvation experience. Phil. 4:13 had always been the verse that I used to "test" God prior to my relationship with Christ, however, it was James 1:2-4, 12 that God used to show me how He was working in my life. What an awesome God we serve! He is in constant motion around us, shaping us and molding us into His will.

James is an appropriate place for my reflection. The trials that are before us are numerous, from family issues, death, finances, school, work, social and church leadership responsibilities... the list can go on and on for each of us. As I look towards to day 2 of my new journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I know that Satan will try everything to slow me down, trip me up, and beat me down. Christ is my refuge and every help in time of need. This battle with my health is just one I will face, many more are sure to manifest throughout my life. How I respond and react will depend on my faith in Christ. Will you join me?


Monday, May 30, 2011

Post Biggest Loser

Ok, so this blog thing and biggest loser thing just doesn't work for me sometime. Here's a quick recap of my HSU Biggest Loser Challenge - .

Yep that was it. I ended up gaining 1 pound, instead of loosing. I will admit, that I did not dive into this head first as I had hoped I would. Rather, I used excuses to justify my decline in participation.

Here are my problems:
1.) I lack self-discipline - always have. I don't get up early, I stay up late, and I pretty much can't say no to certain foods.

2.) I am a picky eater - always have. I don't like steamed vegetables, vary few raw vegetables. I am the quintessential meat and potato man.

3.) I love pasta and bread.

4.) I use my bone disease as an excuse not do things. My hips do hurt so bad every day. I cannot get motivated to do something that will make me continue to hurt. On the flip side, if I do exercise (non-impacting) and work hard at loosing weight, then my hips may not hurt so much with all the added weight they carry.

5.) I live by excuses when it comes to being healthy and exercising. I have one for everything.

These things are what hold me back. These are all PERSONAL decisions that I consciously make daily. That's right... I choose to be unhealthy, I live to eat rather than eating to live. I drink to much coke (aka: soda). I don't drink enough water, I don't eat a good breakfast regularly. I don't, I don't, I don't.... I can't, I can't, I can't.... These words have ruled over my eating and exercising habits for far too long.

I want to be healthier, I want to be able to go and do the things I like doing without getting tired and wore out. I want to live a long healthy life.

When I couldn't walk from the 6th grade through the 11th grade, I had a friend share with me Philippians 4:13 "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." I must stop leaning on my own understanding but on Christ. I have given my life to Christ, and it is time that I take healthy living seriously. I know that through Him, I can do this! It will be very difficult because I will be changing 36 years of habit, but I know that through Him I can do this. Will you join me?!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Biggest Loser-Update

Well I know I don't have any followers, so with that I decided not to write daily. Now isn't that a poor excuse. We are officially in week 4 and I have lost 1 pound. I essentially took two weeks off (one when it snowed all week, one when I was sick all week). At this rate I don't have to worry about being the biggest loser. Trying to avoid the biggest disappointment.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

HSU Biggest Loser - The day before

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be anywhere near 200 lbs. !!! Yet tonight I did my own "unofficial" weigh in and the scales topped off at 194.4 lbs! Ouch! For those of you keeping score at home that ranks me at 40 on the male Body Mass Index chart or BMI. I am not a fan of this chart as it takes your height and weight and gives you a score based on the ideal body weight for your height and weight. Well I am 4 ft. 10 in. (on a GOOD day), probably closer to 4'9", but who's counting right? Anyway, the BMI for my height says my ideal weight should be 120-125 lbs. I haven't weighed that in YEARS! So I rank in the morbid obese category. That's right morbid obese.

Twelve years ago when I graduated from HSU I was one chunky monkey (175), and I had a sudden life style change while in my second year of grad school. I started working out regularly and got my weight down to 145. It was great. But over the years I steadily worked my way back up. It has been almost six years that I worked out on a regular basis. In that time I got married, was promoted and took on a great deal more stress. I married weighing 165 - and now I weigh 194!!! You have got to be kidding me. Yet when you look at what my day consists of it's pretty simple. I have grown sedentary in my lifestyle. Sad day.

A couple of things that need to change.
1.) Discipline - I need to be disciplined in all aspects of my life. I struggle with this, and this is my goal for this semester and from here on, become more disciplined in my life.

2.) Eating habits - I love to eat. In fact I probably live to eat, rather than eat to live. I am picky and not keen on cooked vegetables (I love select raw veggies). I love ranch dressing. I love big meat (all major cuts). I love potatoes, I love fried food, I love love love... this is the sad story of a man who loves to eat instead of eating to live.

3.) Exercise - I'm just like the majority of Americans in our society today. I just don't have time, I don't like it, I don't want to do it... yet, I work with college athletes! I love working with them getting them back from an injury. I relish at taking them through sport specific rehab.

4.) Osteogensis Imperfecta - Heredity bone disease, I have to loose weight! I have to! Both my hips are starting to kill me. I will eventually have hip replacement, just not at 36.

5.) My future - Andi and I want kids. I don't want to die an early death because I chose to be reckless in my youth. I figure I have about 25-30 years of bad eating habits. I sure hope I can reverse the effects.

I plan to blog every day about my struggles and victories. This will be a hard challenge but I am up for it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


It is the end of May so that means Outdoor Eduction Camp (OEC). This is my 12th year to be involved with OEC (8th as a staff member). It is great times with the students and staff. My official title is, nothing. I really have not official responsibility anywhere. Here is a run down of what I do on a daily basis.

6:50 Wake-up
6:57 Wake-up Campers
7:25 Start the count-off
7:30 Breakfast
7:55 Start the count-off
8:00 Give the Daily Devotion
8:30-11:30 Chill (wait for injuries etc...)
11:55 Start the count-off
12:00 Lunch
12:30-5:30 Chill (wait for injuries etc...)
5:55 Start the count-off
6:00 Dinner
6:30-??? Chill (wait for injuries etc...)

So let me explain the chill parts of my day.

Morning Chill - involves gathering all my stuff and going to each area of expertise, watching, learning, and sometimes take some pictures and video.

Afternoon Chill - same as above

Evening Chill - same as above and the occasional get-away to Brownwood, we also start a movie in the cabin.

Most exciting time of chill time involves shooting shotguns, handguns, and climbing the rock wall.

At the end of the week, I compile all the photos and videos and produce an end-of-camp presentation.

Monday, December 28, 2009


This Christmas was much like the most recent years, San Antonio with Andi's family and Abilene with my Mom, Dad and Granddad.

This year marks the third year without my Mother-In-Law, first year without my Granny, 9th year without my Grandma, the 10th Christmas without my lil' sister around, and the 6th Christmas without my lil' brother around.

Andi and I have been honored to host my parents and Granddad two of the last three years in our home in Abilene. It makes sense. We have a big 3 bedroom home with lots of room (and now Direct TV), so everyone has a comfortable place to be. Our home is always open to family, friends, strangers and anyone who needs a place to stay.

So why am I humbled? You see, my dad is dying a slow degenerative death from multiple sclerosis. He was diagnosed almost 20 years ago, and within the last 10 years he has completely lost the function of his legs, and now he is starting to loose the function of his hands. I can honestly sit here in my hotel room tonight and say that I cannot remember what my dad was like before the MS. Most of those years I was dealing with my own health problems and the bone disease. I blamed him for my own disease and made sure that I wasn't around much. I didn't see him active very much, I don't really remember him running. He never wore shorts, or tennis shoes. He always wore boots and jeans, or boots and slacks. But I can't remember him being an active man.

I was never very close with my dad. In fact, I have never had a serious conversation with my dad. He too had the bone disease as a child/adolescent and it effected his hearing early, forcing the use of a hearing aid by his early 20's. Conversations seemed hard to have with him as a little kid.

When I read "Wild at Heart" (several times) it wasn't hard for me to identify my "wound" that is left in the hearts of boys by their father. I wouldn't confront the wound or forgive him for it, until six years ago. I forgave him in my heart, never confronted him (as I knew he wouldn't understand) and I never looked back.

I don't know much about my dad. I know he moved a lot as a child, he went to school in Floydada, Hereford, and graduated from Dumas HS. He was in choir and woodshop. He went to West Texas State (now WTAMU) and was majoring in computers or something of the like. Met my mom, and married a year later. He dropped out of college and started working. He had two jobs during my life, grain elevator operator and engineer tech for TxDOT. Most of the stuff is superficial, nothing profound or deep. And sadly, I know even less of his father my Gramps (he died when I was 5).

So why am I humbled? When I am in the presence of my dad, I get to take care of him. It is even more difficult to verbally communicate with him. He is now 62, continues to deteriorate, and has an incredible attitude (for the most part). I got to cut his hair, trim his neck, and give him an old fashioned barber shop shave. I got to put his clothes on, transport him from the bed to his chair. I got to help him open his presents. And the most humbling moment was when I had the honor to clean him up and change his brief.

Why is this humbling? God chose me to take care of my dad over the past several days. He chose me to to cut his hair, deal with the stresses of his disease, deal with the stress of family. He chose me to be the one to learn and grow through this experience. I cannot count the number of times I have done all of these things before, but this time was the most profound.

Why you ask? Well, Andi and I are trying to get pregnant. I want my dad to see his grandchild, to hold his grandchild, to cuddle with his grandchild. I want my son or daughter to know him like I never knew him. I kept thinking, what an honor it is to care for you. What an honor it is to have a hand in meeting your needs. But mostly, I kept thinking how I wish I could be a little kid again to know my dad.

I know that my Dad is proud of me, he loves me, and he enjoys my company. But I still don't really know my Dad. I am running out of time with him, I know it. How can I ever really know him at this stage in my life? I can't shove 35 years of growth at once, so I think what I will do is send him a digital recorder, a list of questions, and pre-paid shipping box so that he can send me a oral history of his life. His hopes, dreams, disappointments, and anything else that comes to his mind.

Humility is defined as a modest or low view of one's own importance. I needed to be humbled this past week. I needed to be reminded that God is far more important than anything else, and the He has chosen me.

I am humbled. I love you Dad

Sunday, November 22, 2009

30 Things

1. Love road-tripping with my wife

2. Rollie is getting big and he loves us so much
3. Andi and I both are praying for God to bless us with a baby
4. College Station Texas is one of my favorite places on Earth
5. Good times seeing old friends before the game
6. Got to see the longest play from scrimmage in Aggie FB history - 97 yrds Christian Michael for an Aggie TD
7. Had a great visit with the program director for my EdD program and the Department Chair.
8. Got to see the Aggie FB athletic training room - it's bigger than mine
9. Had the same modalities though
10. The grass is not always greener
11. We all have the same problems and and same issues, just different scales
12. Aggie Basketball played Samford on Friday
13. Game lasted 1 hour 47 min
14. Aggies won that too!
15. I love to Saw'Em Off
16. Ate too much this weekend
17. Andi and I met the HSU MBB team in Waco
18. We played Baylor today
19. Big sporting weekend, Aggie Basketball Friday, Aggie Football Saturday, Cowboy Basketball Sunday
20. As a team we had 30 pts in 3's
21. Two freshmen lead the team in scoring
22. We might be okay down the stretch
23. It was great playing a Big 12 team
24. Two days of work this week
25. One day of practice for me and one game for me
26. M/WSC both lost in the sweet sixteen yesterday
27. Andi and I will get to see the Aggies BTHO t.u. on Thrusday
28. The Bonzai commercial is cheesy
29. It is late
30. Headed to bed - will watch Boston Legal reruns as I fall asleep